Far From It?

How Far From It are you?

Robert Himler & Amy Sangster seem to be incredibly Far From It.

So what if we said that dreams of driving Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s wasn’t all that far fetched like many are made to believe. Even dropping the 9 – 5 to chase your dream and become your own boss. Working for only a few minutes a day then going out for a cruise in your choice of exotic car? Not a problem.

Now what’s special about this book is that its there as a tool of motivation and information, all of your dreams can in fact become reality its just down to how your present yourself with the goals your looking to achieve. That feeling of getting up to do you 9 -5, sitting in your itchy suit throughout the day watching the world go by is hard to live with.

Far From It is the opposite of the business clichés and stories you hear all the time; business cards you day? We don’t need no stinking business cards.

What makes Far From It even better is that once your purchase the book, you get access to the FFI community forum. The place is full of people who have the exact same goals and targets as you, some have reached their goals and are now enjoying the fruits of their labour and whilst doing all of that they are sharing their ideas and advice with you.

Seriously, do what you want & when you want whilst having a great lifestyle. This is the main aim of the book and the community, by putting idea’s and thoughts together the possibilities are endless because everyone has the same enthusiasm as each other to build a huge amount of success in front of them whilst still living a rich and fulfilling lifestyle!

So one more time, are you Far From It?


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